About Brian

Brian played underage rugby for Ireland, Leinster Rugby and captained the Connacht Rugby u20 side.

In 2016 he moved to Lindenwood University in the States on a rugby scholarship as a player/coach, with the goal of playing for the USA Eagles when he became eligible.

After a few months USA Collegiate Rugby ruled him ineligible to play because of a technicality. He became interim Head Coach of the team, but still wanted to play high level sport. So he trialled for the American Football team and made it.

Things were going great on the football field, but after a few months he fell awkwardly and tore the cartilage in his shoulder, needing reconstruction surgery.

Once his shoulder recovered, he was set on playing Major League Rugby and had signed for a team in the US. But the surgery and rehab didn’t go to plan, and he had another big setback. Feeling hopeless, and if everything had been taken away from him, Brian fell into a depression. 

One day before boarding a flight, he thought, it wouldn’t be the worst if the plane crashed.

At that moment, Brian realised how depressed he was, and decided that he was going to study the mind and find the answers as to how he went from an enthusiastic, driven and ambitious person that loved life to thinking dying wouldn’t be so bad. 


Brian moved to Vancouver and began studying psychology, philosophy, mindfulness and spirituality. He began to learn how your mind works, and with this knowledge began playing the best rugby of his life. It felt like he had cracked the code with the mind, everything was just so easy out on the rugby field, and that’s when he realised he needed to help others, so founded Off-Field Rugby.

Brian was selected to play for Canada West and was in line to play for the Canada Men’s team in 2023 when he became eligible, but had to retire in late 2022 due to concussion. 

More often than not, the reason you don’t succeed is because of your mindset. Everyone knows that it’s crucial to be mentally strong if you’re to reach your potential. Self doubt, worry and fear of failure are the biggest dream killers out there.

Brian now works with people and teams all over the world, in sports and business, on how you get your mindset right to live life on your terms and achieve your dreams!