Let’s Work Together


Brian working right alongside you, to help you achieve your dreams in the game. 

We chat over zoom whenever suits you, and you have Brian’s number for anything that comes up.

Brian will help you thrive on the field. You shouldn’t ever suffer with nerves or doubt yourself. No matter how big the game, Brian will help you feel confident, excited and ready for the challenge.

Brian will also work with you on your career progression. Whether you want to move to a better club,  get a scholarship, or sign a contract, Brian will advise you on the best next steps, and get in touch with the right people.

"Brian is a GREAT MOTIVATOR, and will help you take your game to new levels!"
Tom Farrell
Connacht Rugby Player


You know yourself that to win championships your team needs to be mentally strong. 

Brian will work with you (the coach) to understand where your team is at, and what they need. 

Over zoom, Brian will give the players tools and strategies to allow them to thrive individually and as a team. 

Brian will compliment the work that you’re doing with the team, give them an edge, and the players will love you for helping them with this crucial area of the game!

(Currently can do in person in New Zealand, Australia or Japan, and zoom for the rest of the world.)

"Brian's mental skills session with my team was a MASSIVE HELP! It helped me get out of my head, play in the zone and have fun!"
Rade Adzic
British Columbia u18 player

Coaching Groups

The way you motivate players has changed. Players today are different to even a couple of years ago. 

Like the best players, the best coaches are always learning and upskilling.

Brian will give you practical skills and techniques, used by the best teams in the world, that you can use right away to help you connect with your players better and get more out of them. 

Brian will share mental skills classroom sessions, as well as drills and sessions that you can use on the field. 

This session can be with up to 30 coaches, and we will do a Q&A after the presentation. 

(Currently can do in person in New Zealand, Australia or Japan, and zoom for the rest of the world.)

"People are RAVING about the Talk Brian did!"
Brendan McKeogh
Cistercian College Roscrea Gamesmaster

Speaking & Workshops

Brian can speak to your whole club, school or organisation, inspiring, motivating and empowering them.

"There was BRILLIANT FEEDBACK from Players, Coaches and Parents after Brian's Talk."
Eric Nelligan
St Munchin's College Assistant Principal