1:1 Coaching Program

Comprehensive personalised 1:1 coaching over zoom to consistently feel and perform at your best. 

This coaching will help you get to the levels that deep down you know you are capable or reaching, while enjoying every step of your journey there. You will learn how to access Flow State using breathing exercises and mindset tools, so that you can get out of your head when you perform and go into the space where everything is easy and you feel like you can do no wrong.

The work that we do together will make you happier and more fulfilled in both sport and life. You will be less stressed and things will just start to seem easier for you.

The program is 8 x 50min zoom sessions, done over 4 months. This investment in yourself is a game game changer and you will see notable improvements in your performance. 

If, after 4 sessions, you don’t see benefits I will give you 100% of your money back.